Why Do I Keep Getting a "Missing Memories? Fix It!" Error?

When you get the missing memories alert, it means one or more of your connected services needs to be re-authenticated.  You'll need to re-authenticate if you've recently changed the password to a connected service or if your "access token" (the way in which we're able to access content from your connected account) is no longer valid. We know that tokens for Facebook and private Instagram accounts are invalidated by default every 60 days or so. However, for security purposes, access tokens can be invalidated by the connected service (i.e. Facebook or Instagram) for any number of reasons.

Unfortunately, we don't have control over when or why access tokens become invalidated. This is why it might feel like you're constantly receiving a prompt to reconnect when it feels like you've already connected recently. We know it can be annoying but without valid access tokens, we're unable to show you all of your available memories! 

Let us know if you still have questions or feel like you are still missing content at help@timehop.com.

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