Why Are There Ads in My Timehop?

Advertising and Keeping Timehop Free:

  • Timehop relies on ads to keep the app free and continuously improve the user experience.
  • The goal is to deliver high-quality ads with minimal interruptions while safeguarding user data.

How Advertising Works:

  • Anonymized data, including advertising ID (IDFA), gender, age, and approximate location, is shared with advertising partners.
  • Personal information like names and email addresses is never used for advertising purposes.

Understanding IDFA:

  • IDFA, or "Identifier for Advertisers", is a unique and anonymous identifier found on iOS devices.
  • Advertisers use IDFA to target ads based on user device activity, but it only provides aggregate data - no individually identifiable data is available.

Timehop's Use of IDFA:

  • Timehop utilizes IDFA to ensure relevance in ad delivery while maintaining a free app for all users.
  • Efforts are made to display ads that align with user interests and preferences.

Protection of Personal Data:

  • User-generated content remains private and is not utilized for advertising purposes.
  • Timehop does not store, save, or share personal content with third parties.
  • Detailed information on data usage and privacy can be found in the Privacy Policy.
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