How to Create A Then & Now Image in Timehop

Have you ever wanted to reflect on the ongoing ~passage of time~ while also taking the time to celebrate your present? Well, have we got a feature for you! 

Then & Now is one of Timehop's signature features, allowing you to tell a story with your memories quickly and easily. You can take a photo memory from your Timehop day (your "then") and place it side by side with an image of your "now". 

When you see a memory in Timehop that you'd like to use to create a Then & Now image, follow the steps below: 

  1. Tap Then & Now on the bottom of the screen. 
  2. You should then see half your screen taken up by the selected image. On the other half of the screen,  a live camera view will open automatically. From here, you can snap a new pic if the mood strikes or you can select a "now" photo from your camera roll. 
  3. Once you select a "now" photo, you can adjust both images in the frame until you're happy with your creation. 
  4. From here, you can share your Then & Now on social media or save directly to your camera roll. 

Here's an example of a finished Then & Now 

Source: @theadventuresofstyxmacgee
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