Troubleshooting Problems With Your Timehop Streak

Since launching streaks all the way back in 2015, we've learned how attached our users can get to their streaks. We know it's a big bummer when you tap to the end of your day only to see your precious streak is gone! 

If you’re opening the app every day, your streak should not be interrupted, however, if you notice your streak has mysteriously reset, here are some possible explanations: 

If your streak has been reset:

  • Oftentimes, streaks only appear to be reset because users inadvertently create duplicate accounts. This can happen if you get a new device or get logged out of Timehop and then log into Timehop with a different method than you used to sign up (i.e. logging in with a phone number when you signed up with Facebook or vice versa).
  • To solve this problem, try logging out and logging back in with either a phone number or Facebook. You should then be able to see your streak!

If your streak doesn't seem to advance:

  • Try killing the app completely and then relaunching it. If this doesn't help, let us know!

Having said that, we keep pretty good tabs on things on our end so if you really and truly feel your streak was reset in error, let us know at!

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